Could Michael Really Be Alive ?

Well the simple answer is yes.  Michael had enough money and connections to fake his death.  He was a master of disguise and an entertainer on the level of Houdini.  Someone who loved executing grand plans.

No one knows for sure if Michael is alive except Michael himself. We believe he has been sending clues. He has purposefully been seen at certain remote locations and left certain musical and visual clues to tell the fans that he is OK.

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all.


6 thoughts on “Could Michael Really Be Alive ?”

  1. Micheal give me a sigh that your alive and ok a phone call text something I’m heartbroken plzz let me know your ok at this number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I’m really sure that Mike is alive, I know it, I hear in my mind as I practice a lot telepathy. I’m spirite medium but I know the difference when a ghost speaks to me or when a living person talks to me👍😉 Love & Peace … Blessings Bastet***✌💕

  3. I pray that he is and that he can live a half way normal life he gave us 45 incredible years of his life brought us love hope and joy and I want him to have the same no one deserves happiness more then this beautiful man

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